• For years we have experienced much joy, growth, and connection through the form and community of contact improvisation.
  • Out of gratitude, we would like to help create a local space where everyone can discover, enjoy, and deepen their practice of contact improv.
  • It does take money and effort to rent the venue and organize the logistics of these events.
  • We are taking a leap of faith and offering the jam and class without fees because we would love to see CI available to everyone regardless of their financial means.
  • We are hoping that others who have also experienced the benefits of contact — and want to help others do the same — will join us in co-creating this space by making financial contributions and volunteering their time, energy, and creativity.
  • Please know that there is no obligation or pressure to donate or volunteer. However if you feel grateful for contact improv and inspired by the possibility of offering it freely and widely, we enthusiastically welcome you to join us!

– Thursday Jam Organizers (Shira Yaziv, Sabrina Danielle Baranda, Teresa Trinh, Matt McNeil)