The Thursday Jam is an all-level open contact improv and movement space weekly from 8:30pm -midnight.

The jam happens every week except for the occasional holiday cancellation. Please check our Facebook page for up-to-date news, announcements, and schedule changes.

The jam offers an inclusive environment that is warm, friendly and very welcoming of folks new to Contact Improv. There is a varied soundscape with a mix of silence, downtempo/ambient recorded tracks, and occasionally tasteful improvised live music.

Each week before the jam we host an all-levels class in the same space from 6:45-8:30pm. You can check out the current lineup of pre-jam class teachers on the InterKinected website. The teachers have jointly decided to attend each others classes to learn from one another and to provide experienced bodies for beginners to experiment with.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions or join our Facebook group for updates and community announcements.

Amy Kingwill, jam coordinator, contact@thursdayjam.org
Rene Alvarez, pre-jam class coordinator, contact@interkinected.org