How do you pay the rent?

We pay our rent and other expenses with community donations given online and at the jam. We are incredibly grateful for your generous support! If we receive money beyond what’s needed for rent and basic operating expenses, we will save that money in a reserve fund (to pay for unforeseen jam expenses) and in funds to support local dance-community projects. For more info about our finances, see our finances page or the “Where are my donations going?” section below.

What is the suggested donation for the jams and classes?

The jam and class are offered freely and there are no set fees for either event. If you’ve appreciated the jam or class and would like to support these events continuing, we have a donation station (to the left of the welcome desk) where cash and electronic gifts can be made. Other kinds of contributions are also very welcome: see the “How can I help?” section below.

How can I help?

Thank you for your interest in co-creating this jam; we would love to have you on board! There are many ways to help out: from putting up the lights at the beginning to sweeping up at the end of the night; we’re sure there are many ways we haven’t thought of yet too! Please check out our volunteer page for more info. You are also welcome to email us.

Who is running the jam?

The jam is organized by community members who generously volunteer their time and skills; no one is being paid to coordinate the jam. Our nonprofit’s board includes Michael McDougall, Erica Stevenson, and Zev Bennett. Shira Yaziv is in charge of the teaching schedule, while Erica Stevenson takes care of the music schedule. Our team of organizers also includes Jill Cooper, Marcus van Duren, Skip Kirk, Olallie Lacker, and Matt McNeil. If you have questions, concerns, suggestions, or would just like to say hello, please email us at contact@thursdayjam.org. We would be happy to hear from you! If you would like to join our volunteer community, please see the ‘How can I help?’ section above.

Where are my donations going?

We are committed to transparency and are publishing our treasurers report spreadsheet. Our primary expenses are roughly evenly between renting our venue, and paying for our programming (teachers and musicians). Anything we take in excess of this goes to a reserve fund for future programming and costs. Please let us know in person or email if you’d like to discuss finances or if you have ideas for community service projects.